The way this website is designed requires you to make some necessary changes in order to see it properly.

Failing to do so will render this website broken and unviewable!

Please follow the guide below. Thank you, and have fun.

-First off-

Upon loading this website for the first time (Without reading), it will look like this:

not even the least bit comprehensible, i know.

Im still in the process of quote unquote "fixing" the scaling issue.

You can always test whatever it is you're doing by clicking the 'WARNING' at the top of this page.


(Method A)

This one will work, assuming youre using chrome/edge in a 1920x1080 resolution on Windows

Go ahead and change the zoom percentage:

(100% --> 125%)

pay no mind to the pizza cursor

If this method did not work, proceed to Method B

(Method B)

If method A did not work,

then youre probably:

Not using chrome/edge

On another operating system other than Windows

Not in 1920x1080 resolution

But fret not you fool, for we have Method B:

Change zoom back to 100%

Exit fullscreen and start resizing the window by dragging

Yes, Don't worry. Pluto is supposed to go over the first line of text.

If youre having trouble aligning everything, then try:

Adjusting specifically the two (NEW) gifs at the top.

(As seen in the GIF above)

All of this is due to some attributes i probably should not have used.

I know it's shoddy and unreliable and amateurishly friggin stupid and all I can say is: Im sorry.

(All of these issues will be fixed and this page will be removed soon HOPEFULLY.)


If you followed this guide bit by bit then it should look okay.

A phone version is yet to be done.

If anything seems broken / doesn't work after refreshing (i.e. something stopped playing), try a HARD refresh (SHIFT+F5)

Dont worry, your computer will not explode.

Thank you for reading, have a cookie.

Some images idk:

Sign the guestbook.

Check the changelog.

Come back and check for new stuff.

But above all else, have fun.

Also here is a small discord server I made on the moon.

(From now on you can just click the 'WARNING' at the top without having to scroll all the way down.)

(Or just bookmark the next page so you can always use that instead of seeing this every time.)

(This page will be removed and replaced by the next page when I eventually fix the scaling issue.)

Alright you can friggin get going now.