Antique Chair



About Me

Welcome to the about page i completely forgot to make.

I'm a (REDACTED) year old male, birthay on the 31st of August.

I like programming, working on this website and music.

I am obsessed with the 90s.

-More Stuff I like-


Knights, Mages, Swords,

Axes, Daggers, and everything else!




Old videogames!




Pizza, spaghetti, and CHEEEEEEEEESE!

(And mangos but I couldn't find any mango gifs so, apologies.)


-More (random) stuff i like-

Very tight spaces, sleeping on the couch instead of the bed, lots of programming, very old stuff (Computers, consoles, games, movies, etc.), Virtual Reality, this 2005 toshiba laptop with Windows XP Service Pack 3 on it! (Pic soon?), CAAAAAATS, staring into the sun, old CRT monitors, floppy disks and CDs, liminal spaces, sleeping, Chess, running dedicated servers for games, grandfather clocks, dark places, mechanical keyboards, annoying people, chaos, guestbooks, 3D Pinball Space Cadet, The first system shock game, typing all of this in, typing in general, making horrible jokes, old internet BBS, staring at my keyboard for long periods of time, PS/2 plugs.

(More about stuff coming soon.)